Friday, August 5, 2011

Where to purchase CamelBak 0.75- Liter Stainless Steel Better Bottle

CamelBak 0.75LSSBB

I can't say enough about this bottle, but I'll try and stay somewhat brief...Went and purchased this at an REI store and not through Amazon. I see Amazon has it listed as .75 Liter but mine is a .5 Liter bottle, for what it's worth.I got sick of using plastic bottles and having them around with me in the car - just not convenient. Plus, I usually do a ton of talking during my 1 hour+ commutes from site to site and well, plastic water bottles just make my water get lukewarm pretty quickly. Not much for carrying coolers around either...The construction is quite impressive to me. I was worrying about paying 30 dollars for this ... The CamelBak 0.75LSSBB CamelBak Better Bottle CamelBak 0.75LSSBB goes stainless With the Big Bite Valve in our revolutionary cap, CamelBak has re-energized CamelBak 0.75LSSBB the reusable bottle category, creating the ultimate spill-proof companion. Compatible with 63 mm caps, CamelBak 0.75LSSBB filters and accessories. Wide mouth opening for easy fill and cleaning. ... »» Read more...

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