Friday, August 5, 2011

This Camelbak Antidote Cleaning Kit

CamelBak 90764

It is definitely not worth the price of 20$, it should be 15$. It is a simple cleaning kit, nothing complicated to be worth the 20$. The products work fine and it does what it is meant to do. The new antidote bladder system has the clip on mechanism where you can take apart your tube so I just clean the tube from both ends using the cleaning brush. Instructions or a manual would be nice if it came with the box, but unfortunately it did not. The only reason I could justify the price is if they put more cleaning tablets in the package.See all 5 customer reviews... CamelBak 90764 The all-in one cleaning CamelBak 90764 kit for faster cleaning and CamelBak 90764 drying. CamelBak 90764 Reservoir brush, tube brush Cleaning tablets ... »» Read more...

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