Friday, August 5, 2011

Just got this CamelBak TransFormer (Black)

Camelbak Transformer

I'm a grunt (infantryman) in America's armed forces. Last deployment to Iraq I had this well-designed Camelbak product to carry my water and other essential gear on missions, such as MRE's, demolitions, etc. This pack stood up to not only an entire 7-month combat tour (constant operations in urban terrain), but also all the months of grunt training prior to and following.Great water capacity (3 liters) with large bladder mouth for easy, quick refilling (a godsend when compared to the small mouths of standard issue Camelbaks). Has two attachable compartments (a larger one and a smaller one) that can be easily removed/reattached depending on your needs. There is also a long, thin zipper pocket on the base of the pack ... ? Dual side pockets carry clips, Camelbak Transformer ammo, or Camelbak Transformer other necessities. Includes HydroLinkTM Modular Connection System with positive shut-off HydroLockTM ? Includes 102 oz AeroFormTM Camelbak Transformer baffled OMEGATM Reservoir - fill Camelbak Transformer and clean easier than ever Shipping and handling only $12.99 Domestic only. (USPS priority mail) ... »» Read more...

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