Friday, August 5, 2011

I just got Camelbak Fourteener 100 oz Hydration Pack

CamelBak 61593-Fourteener

I recently went to the local BassPro to buy a second hydration pack for my 65L Multi-day pack. Looking at the prices I came to a conclusion, I needed a day pack anyway, and it was going to cost me a huge chunk of a Camelbak Day pack for just a bare hydration bladders(locally the bladders run about 35-40$ for a 100oz). So I opted to buy a day pack with a removable 100oz inside thus killing two birds with one stone as opposed to buying each seperately and at a later date end up spending the same or more money.After much back and forth and lots of indecisiveness I settled on this pack. I opted to go for the ... The CamelBak 61593-Fourteener award winning compact solution for CamelBak 61593-Fourteener done CamelBak 61593-Fourteener CamelBak 61593-Fourteener in a day or everyday adventures. Organizer pocket for hike essentials Semi-Load bearing waist belt ... »» Read more...

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