Friday, August 5, 2011

Hey take a look at this CamelBak Lobo 100-Ounce Hydration Pack

CamelBak LOBO100OZ

If all you want to carry are fluids and a pocket knife plus maybe your wallet, this backpack is great. It is super comfortable, very ergonomic, and does not have a single spot that seems to rub you until your raw. I forgot I had it on during most of a 10 mile steep mountain climb. However, before leaving, I found myself wishing a had just a little extra room for carrying a few more items. I had to make choices like whether to carry my GPS or some extra food, my wallet or my flashlight, etc. Very good design however for the basic function it is intended to provide: hydration.7 of 7 people found ... CamelBak has been the innovation CamelBak LOBO100OZ and performance leader in outdoor hydration products CamelBak LOBO100OZ since 1989 A streamlined hydration system for riding and racing Rugged packs to match any terrain you can attack on 2 wheels Ultra-light 3D mesh harness, slider sternum strap, and removable stability waist belt Carries pump, CamelBak LOBO100OZ spare tube, MP3, wallet, keys, energy bar, etc; CamelBak LOBO100OZ Got Your Bak Lifetime Guarantee ... »» Read more...

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