Friday, August 5, 2011

Helpful reviews about Camelbak Quick Grip 21 Oz Hydration Pack

CamelBak 61367-Quick Grip 2

I purchased this bottle/holder combo for use in marathon training. The bottle works absolutely perfectly. The holder, well that's another story. The zipper on the pouch is terrible. This is critical, because I need to be able to open the zipper, take out a gel, and then return the empty gel pouch to the pocket...all while running. It's a distraction when the zipper catches more than half the time (it's a rare event when the zipper works as it should). Another problem is the strap to tighten the holder over your's not sewn in, so it can come completely open if you're not careful. I tied a knot in the strap, and now it works just fine (more of ... New CamelBak 61367-Quick Grip 2 Quick Grip with CamelBak 61367-Quick Grip 2 21 Chilljacket insulated for CamelBak 61367-Quick Grip 2 cool water during training runs Includes Podium ChillJacket 21 oz bottle CamelBak 61367-Quick Grip 2 Secure, comfortable, and adjustable grip ... »» Read more...

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