Friday, August 5, 2011

Find this useful CamelBak Alpine Explorer 100 oz Hydration Pack

CamelBak CB31

I used to scoff at the Camelbackers, fretting over hydration so much so that they carried virtual lakes on their backs, needing to have the life giving tube within inches of their lips in case of imminent desiccation. Well, look at me now! I too am now sporting the aqueous hump, blue tube at the ready, daring the drying sun to do its worst. This pack has great storage, and a plethora of little pockets, loops, clips and pouches. My old pack was basically one big nylon bag with shoulder straps, capacious but charmless. The Camelbak has lots of charm, not the least contained in the elegantly understated blue bladder. In a pinch, an impromptu super soaker can be ... Features cargo and 3+hours of hydration for an CamelBak CB31 all day CamelBak CB31 ascent. Fully insulated reservoir offers full-zip back CamelBak CB31 panel access 1,952 cubic inches of storage; weighs 8.74 pounds CamelBak CB31 when full ... »» Read more...

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