Friday, August 5, 2011

Buying cheap CamelBak BPA-Free Better Bottle with Bite Valve

Camelbak CB03

If you have been looking for a great water bottle, this is it!!! I am not a hard core workout person - I just want to drink more water for my health. I use this bottle at work, going from meeting to meeting and bring it with me when I am on the go in the car. I never thought I would be so excited about a bottle, but I am - Camelbak really thought about useful features and it shows.The bottle holds quite a bit of water (25 oz, 750mL). The bottle is leakproof. I like drinking from the straw - no tipping the bottle required. No unscrewing a cap, just flip up ... The spill Camelbak CB03 proof bottle that makes it easy to stay hydrated on Camelbak CB03 the go Available in 3 sizes and BPA FREE Adapts to other bottles - -standard cap size allows our lid to fit other bottles Quick flip close - folds flush and Camelbak CB03 stays clean when not Camelbak CB03 in use. ... »» Read more...

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