Friday, August 5, 2011

1 CamelBak Bottle Accessory 2 Bite Valves/2 Straws (Blue)

CamelBak 907-VS-8

It's kind of annoying that these are necessary, but unless you are really vigilant on cleaning the straw or bite valve on camelback bottles they can get gunky in a way that seems difficult impossible to fix once it gets to that point. But, it's nice that you don't have to buy an entirely new bottle when that happens. Many reviews have said that the straws are too long. However, the straw is designed to work with multiple sizes and be cut to fit whatever size bottle you actually use. There is a guide in the packaging that shows exactly how long the straw should be for each different size bottle. Cutting the heavy ... Items to keep your Better Bottle performing like new. Big Bite Valve's one piece silicone CamelBak 907-VS-8 design CamelBak 907-VS-8 CamelBak 907-VS-8 self seals to prevent leaks. Works with CamelBak 907-VS-8 all sizes of Camelbak Better Bottles ... »» Read more...

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