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Helpful reviews about Camelbak Men's PowderBak Hydration Pack

CamelBak mpowder-24

I bought this for my winter runs outside. I've reviewed all the CamelBak products but this one seemed like it would be the best fit for me. I wanted something to go over a base layer, but under my outer shell, and so of course something that wasn't too bulky when wearing. This fits nicely under my running jacket so that it is not too tight. The "vest" midlayer of the PowderBak does fit snug over my base layer (I got a Large size for my 41-42" chest), but I would rather have that than too loose when carrying a few pounds of water on your back, moving around, etc. I've seen a few people ... Camelbak Powderbak, A low profile, high performance way to stay hydrated during your Outdoor winter adventures. CamelBak mpowder-24 A great CamelBak mpowder-24 way to stay hydrated while Skiing, CamelBak mpowder-24 CamelBak mpowder-24 Snowboarding, X-Country Skiing and Snow Shoeing. QUICKFIT fabric provides compression and self adjusts to comfortably hold and stabilize 72 oz of water while conforming to the body. ... »» Read more...

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Read this guy write about Camelbak Delaney Fit 24 Oz Hydration Pack

CamelBak 61362-Delaney Fit 24

I'm not crazy about the color, but... it grew on me. I wish the water bottle were a full liter, but I don't usually need that much water. If you don't screw the lid on tightly it will leak on you, but... screw it tightly. If you drive over mountain ranges with the bottle on the seat next to you it tends to make little blipping noises to equalize the pressure, but that just entertains your three year old. I wish the belt adjusted for more narrow waists, but then I have trouble finding pants that I can keep on with a belt. I wish this pack were rocket propelled, but my feet seem to ... Perfect for shorter training runs Front and back reflectivity improves low CamelBak 61362-Delaney Fit 24 light CamelBak 61362-Delaney Fit 24 visibility. 24 Oz. Podium CamelBak 61362-Delaney Fit 24 CamelBak 61362-Delaney Fit 24 bottle ... »» Read more...

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Where to purchase Camelbak Fresh Reservoir Replacement Filters 2-Pk

CamelBak 90767

CamelBak 90767 CamelBak 90767 On the fly filtration. CamelBak 90767 Includes 2 plant based carbon CamelBak 90767 filters, each providing up to 120 litres of use. ... »» Read more...

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Where can I buy Camelbak Podium Big Chill 25 oz Bottle

CamelBak 52238-podbig

The Camelbak Podium Big Chill 25 oz. water bottle is a very nice addition to my road bike. It's too tall for my Specialized Mountain Bike but fits well under my Giant's Defy-2 cross member. It's five more oz. than the standard water bottle. And it's the maximum height allowable in an upright water bottle cage to easily pull it out while pedaling. Nice colors, insulated and has "easy water access" via their patented water release mechanism. There's no need to re-cap the top, it simply shuts off when you release from drinking! Camelbak puts out good quality products and this is no different.3 of 3 people found the following review helpful. CamelBak 52238-podbig Cool without compromise, this Camelbak Podium Big Chill holds 25 ounces of water or sports drink so you can keep running, cycling, or walking longer. Made to fit all types of bike bottle cages; Got CamelBak 52238-podbig Your Bak Lifetime CamelBak 52238-podbig Guarantee Made from TruTaste--a CamelBak 52238-podbig proprietary blend of polypropylene that is BPA free and taste/odor free ... »» Read more...

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Hey Camelbak Classic 70 oz Hydration Pack

CamelBak 61531-classic

As a triathlete and ulta-runner, this is the perfect size camelbak to wear during longer workouts. It fits nice and hold enough water for about three hours.4 of 5 people found the following review helpful. The minimalist for 2+ CamelBak 61531-classic hours CamelBak 61531-classic in the saddle. CamelBak 61531-classic Hydration Capacity: 70 CamelBak 61531-classic ounces or 2 liters Elastic cord system holds shed layers ... »» Read more...

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Buy online Camelbak Fresh Reservoir Filter

CamelBak 90766

Stay hydrated with fresh- filtered water wherever your adventure takes you. CamelBak 90766 CamelBak 90766 Keeps water flowing and you going CamelBak 90766 with up to 120 litres per filter. Works with Omega CamelBak 90766 reservoirs with purchase of Quick link conversion kit. ... »» Read more...

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Where to buy cheap Camelbak Octane 18X 100 oz Hydration Pack

CamelBak 61648-oct18

I took this out on a yosemite day hike and its so functional. I filled the water reservoir up to its capacity and it lasted me about 5.5 hrs. These are the things that I packed into my octane 18x: powershot sd1400 IS, repackaged mix trail and beef jerkey snacks. a thin windbreaker/raincoat jacket, beargrylls fixed knife, flashlight, katadyn water filter, two trekking poles, basic first aid kit. The jacket and the trekking poles were strapped outside, and I still had a lot of room in the main compartment. If you're striving to be an ultralight packer on a 5-8 hrs trail hike, this camelbak is just right.See all 1 customer reviews... and 18 litres of fully expanded cargo capacity, this pack is perfect for 3+ hours of nonstop action. At 1 lb Independent suspension harness; lightweight CamelBak 61648-oct18 tape belt with cargo pocket Air channel CamelBak 61648-oct18 back panel CamelBak 61648-oct18 and a redesigned Antidote reservoir compartment with Quicklink CamelBak 61648-oct18 system ... »» Read more...

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Take a look at this CamelBak Podium 21-Ounce Chill Jacket Insulated Bottle


Superior valve (which drew me to the product) and plastic of the bottle is less stiff than other insulated bottles but it doesn't seem to insulate too well. The Polar insulated bottles and Nanogelite Elite bottles insulate better but lack the great valve of the Camelbak.20 of 22 people found the following review helpful. CamelBak has been the innovation and performance leader in outdoor hydration products since 1989 and is now proud to introduce our BPA-free line of bottles made of a special polypropylene designed not to affect the taste, smell, or quality of Camelbak PODIUMJACKET21OZ the water you Camelbak PODIUMJACKET21OZ Camelbak PODIUMJACKET21OZ drink. Made to fit all types of bike bottle cages BPA Camelbak PODIUMJACKET21OZ free ... »» Read more...

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Read this guy talk about Camelbak L.U.X.E. 100 oz Hydration Pack

CamelBak 61512-Luxe

I ordered this model to upgrade from a very basic one I've had for a few years. I needed storage space and more water capacity. It's excellent - holds all I need to - extra layers of clothes, bike hemet, even DSLR cam with short lens. Got it in the smokey grape color - thought about white but knew it would get too dirty over time. It fits well, has many adjustments. Totally happy with it.0 of people found the following review helpful. CamelBak 61512-Luxe The women's specific narrow gauge pack for 3+ hours of trail riding action Women's specific CamelBak 61512-Luxe S-Curve Independent Suspension harness; Air Director back panel; CamelBak 61512-Luxe removable stability waist belt Redesigned Antidote reservoir compartment CamelBak 61512-Luxe with Quicklink system ... »» Read more...

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Find Camelbak VeloBak Men's 72 Oz Wearable Hydration

CamelBak 61213-velobak

Hydration redifined and reinvented to be CamelBak 61213-velobak part of your apparel for CamelBak 61213-velobak cycling. CamelBak 61213-velobak Quickwick fabric keeps you dry and comfortable. Chafe-Free CamelBak 61213-velobak flat seam stitching eliminates abrasion along seams ... »» Read more...

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Hey take a look at this Camelbak Aventura 100 oz Hydration Pack

CamelBak 61601-aventura

I wanted to add video of us all with a camelbak. But this will have to do being I haven't transfer to my computer just yet. This is worth the money. It is very sturdy, very cute for us ladies, it holds a lot. BUT MOST IMPORTANT, the water is there when you need it. Running through the tub, it leaves no plastic or rubber taste. Just plain good water. I added ice with my water. It lasted the 8 hours we where out in the heat and sun. I use it at work at well, saves time making trips to get water. And if you have it close by, your going to drink it. By the way I had ... Women's specific design for done in CamelBak 61601-aventura a day CamelBak 61601-aventura backcountry pursuits and adventures. CamelBak 61601-aventura Semi-Load CamelBak 61601-aventura bearing waist belt Dynamic Suspension Shoulder Harness. ... »» Read more...

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Buying cheap CamelBak BPA-Free Better Bottle with Bite Valve

Camelbak CB03

If you have been looking for a great water bottle, this is it!!! I am not a hard core workout person - I just want to drink more water for my health. I use this bottle at work, going from meeting to meeting and bring it with me when I am on the go in the car. I never thought I would be so excited about a bottle, but I am - Camelbak really thought about useful features and it shows.The bottle holds quite a bit of water (25 oz, 750mL). The bottle is leakproof. I like drinking from the straw - no tipping the bottle required. No unscrewing a cap, just flip up ... The spill Camelbak CB03 proof bottle that makes it easy to stay hydrated on Camelbak CB03 the go Available in 3 sizes and BPA FREE Adapts to other bottles - -standard cap size allows our lid to fit other bottles Quick flip close - folds flush and Camelbak CB03 stays clean when not Camelbak CB03 in use. ... »» Read more...

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Helpful reviews Camelbak RaceBak Women's 72 Oz Wearable Hydration

CamelBak 61208-Racebak

I first ordered this shirt in my regular size - medium. It arrived as a full zip and I couldn't zip past my rib cage. I returned and ordered a large. The shirt is quarter zip - just what I originally wanted however this didn't appear to be a choice. I think the first shirt was an error. The large fits tight but needs to be tight to keep the hydration bag in place. The tube didn't sit well while running so I stuffed it into the front. This worked well except it was a little salty tasting from sweating. I would like to have options for colors but it served its purpose well. I definitely recommend this to ... Hydration CamelBak 61208-Racebak redifined and reinvented to be part of your apparel for cycling, running and other endurance events. Quickwick fabric keeps you dry and comfortable. CamelBak 61208-Racebak Air Mesh insulated CamelBak 61208-Racebak back panel insert keeps your back cool and comfortable while insulating the water CamelBak 61208-Racebak in your reservoir ... »» Read more...

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Hey Camelbak Pure Flow Replacement Tube

CamelBak 90768

Multi-layered CamelBak 90768 Pureflow drink tube. CamelBak 90768 CamelBak 90768 Keeps water tasting CamelBak 90768 fresh. ... »» Read more...

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What is that Camelbak M.U.L.E. 100 oz Hydration Pack

CamelBak 61501-Mule

I have not been biking for a while but recently started back up. I got the camelbak to hold all of the extra gear I take and make drinking water easier. Man I am so impressed with all the features on this. It has this mesh thing so that you back does not get all swetty! It holds a large amount of water and it is also very good for insolation the water has never been warm when using it on long rides. The pockets provided give you more than enough room for lots gear. It has a cell phone soft pocket that work great. Congratulating Camelbak on another great product.See all 13 customer reviews... Camelbak's CamelBak 61501-Mule NVIS packs, redesigned fully CamelBak 61501-Mule ventilated back panel CamelBak 61501-Mule that's geared for epic escapes. Carries multi-tool, pump, spare tube, extra layer, lunch, MP3, phone, CamelBak 61501-Mule wallet, keys, etc; Got Your Bak Lifetime Guarantee XC helmet carry system; MP3 pocket with weather resistant zipper; integrated rain cover ... »» Read more...

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Wowww Camelbak UnBottle 100 oz Hydration Pack

CamelBak 61613-unbottle

Great product. Typical Camelback quality. The new 1/4 turn lid is the real reason I purchased this. It opens and closes easily. The old style lids were real painful on the fingers when trying to get them open. This one has good insulation and protection from puncture with its outside material. You just slip it into your pack and your good to go.0 of people found the following review helpful. CamelBak 61613-unbottle This versatile insulated reservoir sleeve adds 3+ hours of hydration to CamelBak 61613-unbottle any pack. External CamelBak 61613-unbottle D- CamelBak 61613-unbottle rings allow UnBottle to attach to different backpacks. External fill Antidote reservoir makes filling a breeze. ... »» Read more...

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Do you like Camelbak The Don 100 Oz Hydration Pack

CamelBak 61292-the don

CamelBak 61292-the don CamelBak 61292-the don Loads up gear with CamelBak 61292-the don room to spare for a CamelBak 61292-the don video cam, goggles and tools - plus 3 hours of water. Fleece lined goggle pocket Full Face helmet compatible ... »» Read more...

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Helpful reviews about CamelBak Vantage 30, 100 oz Hydration

CamelBak CB29

I recieved this pack as a gift a while back and have been nothing but happy with it. I completely love it and would recommend it to anyone. Can be used for short or long hikes. Expands out to carry tons of gear or supplies but can also be tightened down to carry just the essentials on a short trip. Great pack, great design. The color rocks tooSee all 1 customer reviews... CamelBak CB29 Combines CamelBak CB29 waterproof cargo storage, hydration and back panel ventilation for overnight CamelBak CB29 backcountry adventures. Stash pocket on the waist belt for quick access to snacks and essentials on the move. CamelBak CB29 Omega HydroTanium reservoir with Lifetime Warranty ... »» Read more...

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Useful CamelBak Cloud Walker 70 oz Hydration Pack

Camelbak CB34

Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/R2EOHRNJ0RSEWH Overview of the features of the Camelbak Cloud Walker pack. Great hydration system & surprisingly durable - five stars! If you might want a similar but larger daypack, check out my review of the Cloud Walker's big brother the Camelbak Alpine Explorer. Also a great pack if you need more space.8 of 8 people found the following review helpful. Just Camelbak CB34 the Camelbak CB34 right features for a day hike- ample hydration Camelbak CB34 plus room for extra layers. Omega HydroTanium reservoir with Lifetime Warranty Full zip Camelbak CB34 access to reservoir makes loading easy. ... »» Read more...

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This stuff Camelbak Trinity 100 Oz Hydration Pack

CamelBak 61326-Trinity

I bought this as a day pack for my 4 day trek along the Inca trail. It more than fit the bill. The reservoir is large enough that I could hike for 4 or 5 hours before needing to fill up again. The water also stayed amazingly cool all day despite the reservoir being against my back all day. It is hard to fill it up all the way, but you can easily get over 2.5 liters without having to struggle.The main section is quite large. I carried a rain jacket and a personal first aid kit/toiletries with me at all times and had plenty of room to spare. The smaller pocket has a ... A CamelBak 61326-Trinity technical women's hydration CamelBak 61326-Trinity pack for full CamelBak 61326-Trinity day outdoor adventures. CamelBak 61326-Trinity Semi-Load bearing waist belt Fleece lined sunglass/MP3pocket ... »» Read more...

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Did your guy use Camelbak Antidote Insulated Tube with Flow Meter

CamelBak 90769

Add intelligent hydration to your Antidote with just one click. CamelBak 90769 CamelBak 90769 Works with Omega reservoirs with purchase of Quick link conversion CamelBak 90769 kit Antidote insulated tube with flow meter gauges CamelBak 90769 how much is left in your reservoir ... »» Read more...

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1 CamelBak Bottle Accessory 2 Bite Valves/2 Straws (Blue)

CamelBak 907-VS-8

It's kind of annoying that these are necessary, but unless you are really vigilant on cleaning the straw or bite valve on camelback bottles they can get gunky in a way that seems difficult impossible to fix once it gets to that point. But, it's nice that you don't have to buy an entirely new bottle when that happens. Many reviews have said that the straws are too long. However, the straw is designed to work with multiple sizes and be cut to fit whatever size bottle you actually use. There is a guide in the packaging that shows exactly how long the straw should be for each different size bottle. Cutting the heavy ... Items to keep your Better Bottle performing like new. Big Bite Valve's one piece silicone CamelBak 907-VS-8 design CamelBak 907-VS-8 CamelBak 907-VS-8 self seals to prevent leaks. Works with CamelBak 907-VS-8 all sizes of Camelbak Better Bottles ... »» Read more...

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Order online CamelBak Podium Bottle

Camelbak PODIUM21OZ

Ive used bike bottles for over twenty-five years now and never really had an issue with the bottles I have purchased over the years. From the cheapest to the most expensive they've all featured the simple spout that you pull open with your mouth and close with your thumb as you replace it in the cage.Cheap ones may not work as well or make your water taste like plastic but they work well enough and were cheap enough that when they were shot or you didn't like them you could simply toss them away. I have water bottles in my collection that are easily ten years old. Enough of the back story...I decided to test this bottle solely ... CamelBak has been the innovation and performance leader in outdoor Camelbak PODIUM21OZ hydration products since 1989 The New Bottle that is changing it all starts its dominance of the bike bottle market with even more color options Camelbak PODIUM21OZ than ever Rethink how you ride! 100-percent BPA free; comes in 21- and 24-ounce sizes Positive Camelbak PODIUM21OZ shut-off closure on the valve for Camelbak PODIUM21OZ leak-proof transport ... »» Read more...

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Just got this CamelBak 0.4-Liter Kids Bottle


After trying so many bottles, some of which promised to be "dripless" but failed, we heard of the Camelbak and we LOVE IT.It's so easy to assemble, easy to clean (dishwasher safe!!!)and no matter hwo many times our kids would drop it and twist it it's still spill-free and not a drop of liquid is to be found outside teh bottle. We've even discovered, by chance, that if you forget to insert the plastic straw after washing it, the bottle is still usable by simply tilting it up and drinking (like regular bottle), as long as you place the mouth-piece on top.We recomend it to anyone!14 of 15 people found the following review helpful. Kid sized bottles for CamelBak 0.4LKIDSBOTT Big adventures and easy for parents CamelBak 0.4LKIDSBOTT to clean Caribineer/finger loop makes it easy for CamelBak 0.4LKIDSBOTT kids to carry Flip open cap, CamelBak 0.4LKIDSBOTT easy for kids to operate ... »» Read more...

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